Skandia Music Foundation
A non-profit cultural and educational organization devoted to
the preservation and promotion of the traditional music of Scandinavia

Gordon Ekvall Tracie -- founder of Skandia Folkdance Society, Skandia Midsomarfest, Nordiska Folkdancers; co-creator or co-director of myriad Scandinavian events and festivals in the Puget Sound area, co-founder of the Northwest Regional Folklife Festival and Ethnic Heritage Council; and Scandinavian dance teacher extraordinaire -- created a non-profit corporation in 1970, the Skandia Music Foundation, whose purpose would be the preservation and promotion of the traditional music of Scandinavia.

When Gordon died in December 1988, he left the bulk of his estate to Skandia Music Foundation, including his extensive collection of recordings, printed music, dance notations and books.  He had recorded over 500 tapes in Scandinavia during the 1950's and 60's, many of which contain the music of master fiddlers, some no longer living.  He requested that the collection be kept intact and made available to the public.  Skandia Music Foundation has placed this unique treasure of Scandinavian music and dance information in the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle, where the Foundation maintains and operates the Gordon Ekvall Tracie Music Library.

Gordon requested that Skandia Music Foundation complete his recording project, "Skandia -- A Definitive Collection of Traditional Nordic Rhythms."  He wanted this marvelous collection of folkdance music by Gunnar Hahn's Folkdance Ensemble to appear as a two-record, long-play album, rather than as a cassette, so it could include the beautiful artwork by C. Alan (Bud) Johnson and the exceptional graphics by John Carlson.  In 1989 the Foundation issued this double album, complete with Gordon's own original liner notes.  Shortly afterward, accompanying dance instructions for each dance on the "Skandia" double album were prepared and published by Skandia Music Foundation.  In 1997 the "Skandia" collection of Gunnar Hahn's folkdance music was reissued on compact disc, with complete dance instructions and liner notes available as CD-ROM.  The dance directions and liner notes were also published on the internet at the web site

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Mary Mohler 11/97