(VEEK-boo-lahnd FEAR-pohl-ska)

Skandia CD, track 31


Credible English Title Four-person Polska Dance from Vikboland.


Heritage Östergötland, Sweden.
U.S. Source As taught in Seattle in July 1989 by Yvonne Eriksson, a leader of Orgagillet, a folk dance group from Östergötland, Sweden.  The dance description below was adapted from the book, Danser från Östergötland och Tjust.
Category Two-couple dance.
Motivation and application Both performance and recreational.


Type Triple-meter (3/4).


Function Two-couple set dance
Character and form Deliberate, energetic
Footwork Parallel, opposite.
Specific steps Walk, markering, östgötastep, described below.
Dance holds Ring hold.  Special holds described with figures, below.
Formation Two couples in a set.



1 - 8
Figure 1.  "Ring," in a circle of 2 couples with hands in a double-V ring hold:

Begin with L foot, walk to L with soft walking steps (24 steps total).
9 Markering step only once, as described below.
10 - 16 Östgöta step as described below, 7 times.

17 - 32
Figure 2:  "Cross Hands":

M take other M's R hand in R, L in L.  W hold with L on partner's lower R arm, R to corner's lower L arm, following the same footwork pattern as described in Figure 1 above (Walk, Markering step once, into series of Östgöta steps).

33 - 48
Figure 3:  "Shoulder Hold":

As walking steps begin, take shoulder hold with hands to nearest shoulder, continue dancing in same footwork pattern as described in Figure 1 above.  Note: This hold needs to be flexible to accommodate the different heights of the dancers.  It should be comfortable for all.

Markering (done only once before each series of Östgöta steps):

Count 1:  Facing center of circle and moving in LOD (CW), land on both R and L at almost the same time (R very slightly before L) with feet apart slightly (approximately lined up with shoulders), while clapping hands once.

Count 2:  Hold position on both feet, shifting weight to L.

Count 3:  Step R in LOD (CW) while re-taking handhold designated for that figure.

Östgöta step:

On the upbeat before Count 1, hop on the R while moving to the L (CW).

Count 1:  Step on the L foot in LOD (CW).

Count 1 &:  Close R foot to L foot.

Count 2:  Step L sideways in LOD (CW).

Count 3:  With a small lead, cross R foot over in front of L, landing on R foot in LOD (CW).

Repeat from the upbeat of Count 1.

Note:  The sideways hop on the upbeat of Count 1 makes the circle of dancers move smoother and faster than just stepping onto the L on Count 1.


This dance is also often known as "Fyrpolska från Vikbolandet" (Four-person polska from Vikboland) or "Slängpolska från Vikbolandet" ("Swing" polska from Vikboland).  The slängpolska is the polska footwork described above as "Östgöta step" in this "Vikboland Fyrpolska."  Slängpolskor from other parts of Sweden may incorporate slightly different polska footwork, but will usually be danced as a rotating polska on the spot (rather than progressing around the room), as is this dance.  See also the book cited above, Danser från Östergötland och Tjust.

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