(TRAY-kahnt frah HOR-sens)

Skandia CD, track 29


Credible English Title Three-corner Dance from Horsens.


Heritage Denmark.
U.S. Source As described in Folkedanse, Beskrivelser Gamle Danske Folkedanse, Hefte II, Tredje Oplag, published by Foreningen til Folkedansens Fremme, København, 1941, page 25, and danced by Nordiska Folkdancers, Seattle (see Background Information).
Category Three-couple group dance.


Type Introduction, followed by three distinct tunes to accompany the three-part dance.


Function Set dance.
Character and form Light and sprightly.
Footwork Parellel, opposite.
Specific steps Walk, pivot, polka, run, polonaise (Jydsk paa Næsen).
Dance holds Ring hold.  Shoulder-waist hold (for pivot and polonaise).  Waltz hold (for polka).
Formation 3 couples in a single ring, each M with partner to his own R, all hands joined at shoulder height, elbows bent V-shaped so that dancers are rather close together, facing toward center.



1 - 8

With hands joined forming a V, shoulder height, all walk to the center of the circle with 4 steps, then back out with 4 steps.  Walk 8 steps to the R (CCW), facing partner on the last count.

1 - 8
Part I.  No-hands-chain and pivot:

A.  M starting on inside of circle, move CCW.  W starting on outside of circle, move CW.  R and L chain without touching hands until meeting partner.  Walk around partner with L shoulders side by side, then reverse chain direction to return to partner at original spot in the circle.
9 - 1 B.  Using shoulder-waist hold, pivot around in circle of 3 couples, moving CCW, keeping set formation.
17 - 24 C.  Repeat A.
25 - 32 D.  Repeat B.
  Part II.  No-hands-chain, pivot, polka:

With the change in the music, start a new sequence of dance.  Repeat A. and B. from Part I.  For C., polka around the set of 3 couples, using waltz hold.
  Part III.  Running chain, Jydsk paa Næsen:

A.  With the change in the music, begin a no-hands chain with a running step, but otherwise as described in Part I., A.
  B.  Jydsk paa Næsen turn CCW around 3-couple circle (left-foot polska turn: M - L, both, R; W - both, R, L) in shoulder-waist hold, but springier to fit the music's lilt.

Repeat this A, B.


This Trekant appears as "Trekant. Horsensegnen" in Folkedanse, Beskrivelser Gamle Danse Folkedanse, Hefte II, Tredje Oplag, published by Foreningen til Folke-dansens Fremme, København, 1941, page 25 -- the same dance for which Gordon Tracie kept hand-written notation under the name "Trekant fra Horsens" and which is danced regularly by Nordiska Folkdancers, Seattle.

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