Skandia CD, track 6


Credible English Title The Drumming Waltz.


Heritage Danish folk dance from Randers.
U.S. Source  
Category Group set dance.
Motivation and application Elementary recreational or performance-oriented.


Type Triple-meter (3/4), staccato.


Function Group set dance.
Character and form Light and sprightly.
Footwork Opposite.  Alternating and repetitive.
Specific steps Running, open waltz, closed turning waltz.
Dance holds Simple couple hand hold.  Closed waltz hold.
Formation Sets of 3 couples in a column.  The front couple faces RLOD (CW), the other 2 couples face forward LOD (CCW), facing the front couple. Inside hands joined with partner.



1 - 8
A.  Arch and Under:

With 24 light running steps, couples in each set keep running so as to change places as follows: couple currently in center forms an arch and runs forward over the couple facing them, who runs under the arch.  Whenever a couple finds itself in the center of the set, it forms an arch.  Upon reaching either end of one's set, couple turns in place by M raising his R hand in which he has his partner's L hand, turns CW (to his R) under the up-raised hands, while W runs around behind him CCW so that both partners now face the oncoming members of the set, W again on M's R.  As each succeeding couple does so, at the end of 8 measures (24 steps), all are back to their original places.
1 - 8 Repeat the arch-and-under with 8 more measures (24 steps), at the end of which all 3 couples (including the front couple this time) face forward LOD (CCW).

Note:  Front couple does not execute the turn-a-round when they reach their original place the second time, thus they are ready to start the chorus facing LOD (CCW)

9 - 16
B.  Tyrolervals chorus:

All 3 couples dance Tyrolervals (4 open waltz steps forward CCW around floor, plus 4 closed waltz steps turning CW in ordinary waltz hold, and moving CCW around floor) 2 times through.

Original sets are then reassembled. Couple 1 turns around to face RLOD (CW) and again become the front couple in their set. The entire dance is repeated.


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