(fah-MILL-yeh SEX-toor)

Skandia CD, track 3


Credible English Title Family 6/8-time Dance.


Heritage Denmark, Lestrup Præstø district.
U.S. Source As learned in Scandinavia in 1951 by Gordon E. Tracie, and taught at Skandia Folkdance Society, Seattle.
Category Old-time mixer.
Motivation and application Recreational, non-performance-oriented.


Type 6/8 meter.


Function Couple mixer dance.
Character and form Light and sprightly.
Footwork Parallel.
Specific steps Buzz step, walking.
Dance holds Ring hold. Swing hold.
Formation Couples in a single ring, each man with partner to his own right, all hands joined at shoulder height, elbows bent V-shaped so that dancers are rather close together, facing toward center.



1 - 8
A.  Introduction -- Circle to left:

Hands joined at shoulder level in ring formation, all dance to L (CW) with side buzz-step, to wit: facing toward center, cross R foot in front of L and place weight on it on every beat, bringing L foot immediately behind so as to propel body to left on every upbeat, for 16 steps in all. Steps should be small and very light, with a slight dip on R foot on each beat.

9 - 10
B.  In and out:

Hands still joined at shoulder level, all walk forward to center of ring with 4 steps, gradually raising arms slightly above shoulder level, and giving a slight acknowledgement to the center by a nod of the head on last beat.
11 - 12 All return to original place with 4 walking steps backward, lowering arms to shoulder level again.  (Avoid making ring too large by going back too far!)  Give a slight acknowledgement to partner on last step.
13 - 16 Repeat 9 - 12.

17 - 24
B.  Grand chain:

Facing partner, give R hand to partner on 1st count, all do a Grand R and L, with M moving in LOD (CCW), W in RLOD (CW).  Take 2 walking steps per person, counting aloud each person as hands are joined, beginning with your partner as number 1.  Retain the 7th person (meeting with R hand).  The 7th person becomes the new partner.  Keep hands at shoulder height throughout chain.

1 - 8
D.  Swing Partner:  (same music as A)

In swing hold, swing new partner with 16 regular R-foot buzz steps around CW (as in square dance swing), M places said partner to his R at end of swing.  All immediately rejoin hands in the ring.
  The dance continues from B. (In and out).  This is followed by C. (Grand chain), thereafter D. (Swing partner) again, etc.  This sequence - BCD BCD, etc - is followed straight through to the end of the music, without repeat of the Introduction (Circle to left), which is done only once, at the very beginning of the dance.


From the time of its record debut in the USA on the old Linden label of Seattle in 1952, this little Danish mixer dance has been a real hit, not only with folk dancers, but with square dancers as well.  For indeed the steps and figures are nearly identical to those used in North American squares: "To the center and back," "Grand right and left," "Swing your partner."  Yet there still prevails an unmistakable element of typical Danish dance temperament over the whole thing.

An "easy" dance with a light and catchy melody, this is an ideal number for beginners in both folk and square dancing.

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